My name is Angela Florence and I am formally educated as an elementary school teacher from the
University of Cincinnati as well as a self-admitted HGTV junkie. I always enjoyed decorating my
own spaces and just being creative, in general. Over the years people have asked me to help them
with projects, to paint a space, or to build something, and I did it willingly still not realizing that
this was a passion of mine. When I got to thinking about it, I had to admit that I truly find pleasure
painting or creating something-excitement is added to this when it’s for someone else!

Watch the video tour of this house by clicking here 

All this has led to a successful decorating business and the unique request to build a ten foot
high x ten foot long doll house for a family near and dear to my heart. The creative process in building my first doll house unleashed a new
passion which incorporates working with kids, building, and decorating.



Another passion of mine is visiting orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa. Our church helped
found a day orphanage, the Manaleni Achievement Center in Kwamhlanga, South Africa. The center provides
meals, school uniforms, homework assistance, love, faith, and health for about 100 children in an area
with an HIV/AIDS rate around 50%. I have been five times and can’t wait to go back again.

Whether it’s helping design a new set for the church or decorating my daughters’ rooms, I bring this same passion and energy to
each project that I take on.

Let me help create the perfect doll house that will provide years of memories for your family.

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