This Doll Mansion was another fun one to design and build and I couldn’t have asked for easier parents to communicate with. The nine rooms/areas were to be built into a three piece structure so the family could then pick it up themselves. It’s always great getting to finally meet the family!

Upgrades included the wood shingled storage roof area complete with the address – usually the girl’s birthday : ), my first working door, double thick walls and floors, several window and doorway openings, exterior shutters & flower boxes, a rooftop deck with railing, wainscoting in the bathroom, and a smaller wood shingled roof above the garage instead of a garage door.

No two projects have been alike STILL. I very much enjoy the opportunity to try to figure out something new for each Doll Mansion I build. For this one it was adding some “curb appeal” to the open garage area with the addition of the small, sloped roofline as well as the working door connecting the diner to the rooftop deck. Silly as it is, figuring out materials to use for the doorknob, for instance, is fun for me.

I look forward to sharing with you pictures of the Doll Mansion stacked and assembled. The height of the finished project was taller than the height of my garage, so I could only work on two sections together at a time, and therefor do not have any “final” pictures this time. I’m thrilled to report that the family picked it up over the weekend, hauled it back to their home in Georgia, and got it up the stairs and installed by the day’s end!