This is the first Doll Mansion that I have had delivered via a freight service, and what an experience it was! I didn’t realize how pricy it is to have something this large shipped. In my mind I’m thinking, “People have couches, entertainment centers, and beds delivered all the time, right?”

To protect the Doll Mansion during delivery (which is done at multiple freight centers along the way and by them using fork lifts), we had to first purchase all the materials to build a wooden crate. Then we had to construct the crate on top of wooden pallets. With my decorating business I have been using a lot of wooden pallets lately to cover walls and build furniture, so at least I knew how heavy they were and where to locate some. This was now even heavier than I originally planned, so getting it loaded into my husbands truck bed to drop it off involved some of the final crate building to be done while in the truck already.

It was much easier at the freight center to unload the Doll Mansion thanks to them having a fork lift. From there I got to say a final goodbye to my creation and pray that everything would go smoothly for an early Christmas delivery miles away in Virginia. I can tell you when I got the pictures of the little girl enjoying her Christmas present, I was excited, not to mention very relieved.