Families usually contact me with a general idea in mind based on what furnishings they currently have for the dolls. From there we begin with general sketches of room layouts and then work toward more final drawings based on the size of the doll furnishings and limitations of the room’s height and width where the Doll Mansion will go, etc.

Here you can see the old school graph paper drawings I use (I don’t have a degree in design or architecture nor do I know how to use design computer software/apps) as well as a picture of the main pieces of 3/4″ plywood I have cut out to begin the base structure of the Doll Mansion.

This family requested the double thick walls and floors-1 1/2″ rather than 3/4″. Due to its large overall finished size, this double thickness will add to its “curb appeal” and make it look more substantial and to-scale.