Each Doll Mansion room comes standard with white ceilings, paint or wallpaper on the walls, carpet or vinyl flooring, base boards, crown molding, exterior house paint, and trim on all exposed front edges (to see a list of pricing and some options, enter the word “price” in the blog search section and you will be directed to a blog from Oct. 2016).

The decorator in me enjoys making these choices and getting approval from the family. This is communicated through email or texting along with pictures I send to constantly update them on progress.

Here you can see an image of some flooring options being discussed as well as the wallpaper we chose for the bathroom to go above the wainscoting. In this final picture of the closet you can see the flooring and wall choices made as well as the general layout of the shelving and hanging rod and the upgrade of a chandelier. Enough room was left along the wall on the left to allow for a washing machine the family wanted to incorporate.